Windmill inspections Powered by Deep Tech

March 9, 2022

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Windmill inspections play a critical role in ensuring the efficient operation and maintenance of turbines. However, the conventional approach of having technicians physically climb the windmills, often at great heights, poses significant risks to their safety. Moreover, the remote locations of windmills often lack high-speed networks, making it challenging for energy experts to provide real-time guidance to on-site technicians. To address these challenges, our company deployed an innovative Augmented Reality (AR) platform for remote video collaboration, enabling secure and efficient communication between remote experts and on-site engineers. This case study explores the implementation of the AR platform and its impact on worker efficiency, productivity, and safety during windmill inspections.

The Challenge:

The primary challenge was to improve worker safety and reduce risks associated with windmill inspections. Technicians were exposed to hazardous conditions while climbing windmills, and the lack of high-speed networks in remote locations hindered effective communication between experts and on-site teams.

The Solution:

To overcome these challenges, our company introduced an AR platform for remote video collaboration. This platform leveraged smartphones, tablets, and helmet-mounted wearable technology, enabling engineers to receive real-time guidance and support from energy specialists. By using the AR platform, engineers had their hands free for repair and maintenance tasks while being directed by remote experts.
The AR platform allowed engineers to share their perspective with client specialists through real-time video streaming. With the aid of digital annotations, voice and text communication, and other augmented reality-enabled tools, remote subject matter experts (SMEs) provided guidance and support to on-site technicians. The AR platform proved to be highly effective, even in low-bandwidth regions, as it did not rely on high-speed internet connectivity.

Results and Benefits:

The implementation of the AR platform for remote video collaboration yielded significant improvements in efficiency, productivity, and safety during windmill inspections.

Enhanced Efficiency:

The AR platform empowered experts to provide real-time guidance to on-site technicians, resulting in reduced inspection time and increased troubleshooting precision. By leveraging the platform’s capabilities, technicians could address issues promptly, optimizing the overall efficiency of windmill inspections.

Improved Safety:

Through the AR platform, technicians had their hands free during inspections, significantly reducing the risk of accidents. Remote specialists could also provide guidance on safety protocols and procedures, further enhancing on-site worker safety. The AR platform played a pivotal role in mitigating potential hazards and improving overall safety outcomes.

Cost Reduction:

The implementation of the AR platform led to significant cost savings by eliminating the need for experts to travel to remote windmill locations. By conducting inspections remotely, experts could provide guidance and support from their offices, reducing travel expenses and associated logistical challenges.

Enhanced Collaboration:

The AR platform facilitated better knowledge transfer and upskilling of on-site teams. By enabling seamless collaboration between experts and technicians, the platform fostered a culture of continuous learning and knowledge sharing. The remote collaboration capabilities enhanced the overall capabilities and expertise of the on-site teams, leading to improved collaboration and outcomes.


The adoption of an augmented reality platform for remote video collaboration revolutionized the process of windmill inspections. By leveraging the AR platform, our company successfully addressed the challenges of worker safety, low-bandwidth communication, and efficiency. The platform enabled real-time guidance, enhanced collaboration, and reduced costs associated with travel. This case study exemplifies the potential of AR-enabled technologies to transform industries and optimize remote collaboration. As organizations continue to embrace innovative solutions, the capabilities of remote collaboration will further evolve, driving efficiency, productivity, and safety in various sectors, including windmill inspections.

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    Windmill inspections Powered by Deep Tech

    network scientist