Digital Transformation in the Indian Mining Industry: A Case Study in VR Training

April 9, 2024

network scientist

This case study explores the digital transformation journey undertaken by a prominent player in the Indian mining industry. With diversified operations spanning coal, precious metals, copper, iron ore, the client recognized the need to revamp its training methods. By integrating Virtual Reality (VR) technology into their training models, the client aimed to enhance induction experience and improve the understanding of the new employees joining the natural resources team regarding the unique challenges and conditions within their respective mines. The case study provides a glimpse into the innovative approach adopted by the client to revolutionize employee training in the mining sector. 


  • Develop engaging VR training modules 
  • Scale up immersive training for larger groups 
  • Design and implement quick, up-to-date training modules 

Network Science’s Approach 

Approach 1: Enhancing Training Depth and Scope 

  • Recognizing the inherent risks of mining environments, it became evident that employees required more than basic knowledge for safety. Also, the Business Functions of the client are plenty and an innovative, immersive and memorable way of helping new joiners remember the information was needed. 
  • Expanding beyond VR headsets, discussions revealed the potential for converting VR modules into immersive 3D videos, increasing employee engagement and comprehension. 

Approach 2: Broadening Accessibility and Adaptability 

  • In addition to VR, the option of converting modules into AR for smartphone use was introduced, maximizing accessibility for diverse learning preferences. 
  • Incorporating change management elements into the training code facilitated periodic updates and ease of revisiting concepts, ensuring ongoing relevance and effectiveness. 

Approach 3: Ensuring Dynamic and Responsive Training Systems 

  • The system was designed to remain dynamic, allowing for seamless updates to modules and real-time integration of changes observed in physical mining sites. 
  • This approach ensured the continuous evolution of training materials, reflecting the ever-changing nature of mining environments and safety protocols. 


  • Comprehensive exploration of mining sites facilitated by AR, VR, and 3D technologies 
  • Immersive and scalable training for simultaneous engagement of a larger employee base 
  • Full digitization of module development and implementation processes 
  • Achieved a 30% reduction in training duration and a 50% decrease in training costs. 


Innovative adoption of Virtual Reality (VR) technology has revolutionized employee training in the Indian mining industry. By expanding training methods beyond VR headsets to include immersive 3D videos and AR modules, the client enhanced engagement and accessibility. Integrating change management elements ensured ongoing relevance and adaptability to evolving mining environments. This case study highlights the transformative power of digital solutions in enhancing safety and effectiveness in employee training within the mining sector. 

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    Digital Transformation in the Indian Mining Industry: A Case Study in VR Training

    network scientist