Revolutionizing Safety: A VR Approach to HEMM and Work at Height Training

April 2, 2024

network scientist

The client is a leader in the Mining and Mine Development Operations (MDO) division and a prominent entity in the mining sector. Focused on excellence and sustainability, they specialize in efficient mining operations and mine development across diverse landscapes. Their innovative solutions drive responsible resource extraction, fostering economic growth nationwide. 

This study delves into the implementation of Virtual Reality (VR) training modules for Heavy Earth Moving Machinery (HEMM) and Work at Height safety procedures for the client. 

Problem Statements 

  • Develop VR modules for HEMM (loading and hauling) + Work at Height (safety) 
  • Author scenarios in 3D for operator interaction and application  
  • Establish a complete VR ecosystem for cross-departmental processes 

Network Science’s Approach 

Approach 1: Cloud Deployment for Scalability and Efficiency 

  • Recommend private cloud deployment for enhanced scalability across multiple sites and devices. 
  • Facilitate quicker maintenance, support, and upgrades centrally, ensuring streamlined operations. 
  • Ensure 24/7 accessibility to server infrastructure with a 99.99% uptime for seamless operations. 

Approach 2: Collaborative Storyboarding and Content Sharing 

  • Engage business teams to outline narrative and expected outcomes for effective storyboarding. 
  • Collaborate with the client to share content in various formats, including images, videos, audios, and 3D materials, to expedite VR content development. 
  • Ensure ease of incorporating necessary changes post-deployment for continuous improvement. 

Approach 3: Seamless IT Support and Connectivity 

  • Allocate IT support from the client team for Network Science to address connectivity, hardware, and software issues promptly. 
  • Enable remote access to server infrastructure via VPN for efficient troubleshooting and maintenance. 


This case study showcases the effective integration of Virtual Reality (VR) technology to address training challenges in the energy and infrastructure sectors. Network Science’s collaborative approach and innovative solutions have led to the development of tailored VR training modules. Utilizing private cloud deployment and seamless IT support, Network Science has established a scalable and efficient VR ecosystem. This study highlights VR’s transformative potential in enhancing training effectiveness and operational excellence across industries as well as its impact on the efficiency of workflow.  

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    Revolutionizing Safety: A VR Approach to HEMM and Work at Height Training

    network scientist