Revolutionizing Offshore Healthcare

October 13, 2023

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A global leader in offshore drilling services embarked on a mission to enhance healthcare services for its workforce in the challenging environment of oil rigs and vessels. This case study explores the successful deployment of Augmented Reality (AR) smart glasses, providing hands-free medical check-ups by doctors and medics while enabling real-time support from senior doctors worldwide. The use of AR smart glasses was particularly advantageous in situations where traditional mobile phones or tablets could not meet the operational demands of the job, as they required both hands for medical procedures.


The company faced several key challenges that necessitated innovative solutions:

  • Remote Locations: Many of the rigs and vessels are situated in remote locations, far from comprehensive medical facilities. Access to medical expertise in emergencies was limited.
  • Hands-Free Requirement: Traditional mobile devices were not practical as they hindered doctors and medics who needed both hands free to conduct medical examinations and procedures.
  • Real-Time Support: The ability to connect with senior doctors across the globe in real time was essential to ensure accurate diagnostics and medical decision-making.


The solution was in the deployment of AR smart glasses, designed to address these challenges. Key components of the solution included:

  1. AR Smart Glasses: These hands-free, command-based devices enabled doctors and medics to access critical medical information and connect with remote senior doctors.
  2. Real-Time Communication: The smart glasses were equipped with real-time communication features, allowing doctors to connect with senior experts using video calls for immediate guidance and consultations.
  3. Integrating with existing Apps, thereby providing doctors and medics with access to medical databases, diagnostic tools, and patient records in real time.
  4. Training and Integration: A comprehensive training program was implemented to ensure the effective use of smart glasses. The integration of AR technology with existing healthcare systems and processes was seamless.


The deployment of AR smart glasses for medical check-ups brought about significant benefits:

  • Enhanced On-Site Medical Care: Doctors and medics could perform hands-free medical check-ups with the support of AR technology, improving the quality and speed of healthcare services.
  • Real-Time Consultations: The ability to connect with senior doctors worldwide ensured accurate diagnostics and immediate treatment decisions, reducing the need for medical evacuations.
  • Cost Reduction: By reducing the frequency of medical evacuations, the client achieved substantial cost savings and improved the overall efficiency of medical operations.
  • Safety and Productivity: The hands-free nature of AR smart glasses improved safety on rigs, as workers had unobstructed vision while accessing critical medical data.
  • Global Expertise Access: The project allowed harnessing the expertise of senior doctors from various locations globally, enhancing medical capabilities.


The successful deployment of AR smart glasses for hands-free medical check-ups has transformed healthcare services on its rigs. This innovative solution not only improved the quality of medical care but also led to substantial cost savings, increased safety, and greater access to global medical expertise. The case underscores the power of AR technology in addressing unique operational challenges, leading to a safer and more efficient offshore working environment.

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    Revolutionizing Offshore Healthcare

    network scientist