Empowering Virtual Factory Acceptance Tests and Commissioning

October 14, 2023

network scientist

A global leader in energy management and automation, embarked on a transformative journey to enhance its Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT), commissioning processes, and support for resolving unexpected robot issues and unintended motor reactions. The company recognized the need for a solution that would operate seamlessly in low-bandwidth environments while enabling virtual support. This case study explores the successful implementation of a remote assistance platform and digital workflow application, enabling remote support for its field operations by the giant.


Our client faced several challenges:

  • Low-Bandwidth Connectivity: The need for a solution that could function effectively in low-bandwidth connectivity environments was a top priority to ensure reliable remote assistance and support.
  • Virtual Factory Acceptance Tests: They sought a way to conduct Virtual FAT to streamline the process and reduce travel costs while ensuring the quality of equipment and systems.
  • Commissioning Efficiency: Enhancing commissioning processes was crucial to reducing project timelines and ensuring efficient project delivery.
  • Robot Issues and Motor Reactions: The company aimed to resolve unexpected robot issues, mirrored robot problems, unintended motor reactions, and issues with the wrong axis.
  • Integration Across Business Units: They aspired to integrate this solution across multiple Lines of Business (LOBs), starting with Industrial Automation, with potential adoption from Energy Management.

Benefits of solution deployed:

Implementation of the remote assistance and digital workflow platform delivered substantial benefits:

  • The remote assistance platform’s ability to operate effectively in low-bandwidth environments improved the reliability of remote support and collaboration.
  • Virtual FAT and Commissioning: Virtual FAT streamlined the acceptance testing process, reducing travel costs and project timelines. The digital workflow application enhanced commissioning efficiency.
  • Technical Issue Resolution: Successfully resolved unexpected robot issues and unintended motor reactions, ensuring the safety and efficiency of operations.
  • Integration Across LOBs: The technology integration was extended to multiple LOBs, fostering a culture of innovation and efficiency across business units.

Future Prospects:

Network Science is proud to stand by our client as they persist in their dedication to innovation and operational efficiency. Their unwavering commitment to providing state-of-the-art solutions, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and operational effectiveness, extends across all their business units. Our solutions effortlessly integrate these innovative offerings into their portfolio, ultimately benefiting their valued customers and enhancing their competitive edge.

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    Empowering Virtual Factory Acceptance Tests and Commissioning

    network scientist