Transforming Debt Collection for BFSI leader – A Game-Changing Approach

October 12, 2023

network scientist

As one of the largest Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) in India, the client manages an extensive loan book spanning various verticals for retail borrowers. This complex operation involves a substantial internal team and outsourced field collection agents. However, a critical challenge arises in tracking and evaluating the performance of both teams on a unified platform, thereby hampering the efficiency of debt collection efforts. The absence of an early warning system, soaring bounce rates, escalating Non-Performing Loans (NPL), and exorbitant collection costs further compound the issue.


Network Science (NS) proposed a comprehensive solution involving the implementation of a fully automated operational process. This approach aimed to offer the client an integrated platform with the capability to extract actionable insights through advanced analytics, effectively addressing the aforementioned challenges.


AI/ML-Powered Debt Collection Platform

We introduced an innovative AI/ML-enabled Debt Collection Platform, seamlessly integrated with a diverse range of data sources. This included demographic data, payment history, credit bureau information, as well as macro and microeconomic data. Moreover, the platform incorporated real-time customer responses and digital interaction data.


  • Bounce Rate Reduction: Within a remarkably short span of 3-6 months, client witnessed a substantial 25-30% reduction in bounce rates. This signified a marked improvement in the efficiency of debt collection efforts.
  • NPL Mitigation: The implementation of our tailored solution led to a notable 20-25% reduction in Non-Performing Loans (NPL). This demonstrated a significant positive impact on client’s portfolio quality.
  • Cost of Collections: The initiative yielded impressive results in cost optimization, with a noteworthy 25% reduction in the cost of collections. This not only translated to financial savings but also streamlined operations.


By automating operational processes, harnessing advanced analytics for insights, and providing personalized customer experiences, Network Science’s solution not only bolstered operational efficiency but also resulted in tangible financial gains.

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    Transforming Debt Collection for BFSI leader – A Game-Changing Approach

    network scientist