Transforming Customer Service in the Tyre Industry 

October 9, 2023

network scientist

The client is a leading player in the vehicle tire industry, committed to delivering high-quality products and exceptional customer service. They faced challenges in resolving customer queries efficiently, particularly in remote areas, with limited manpower resources.

Problem Statements:

  1. Prolonged resolution times for customer queries.
  2. Resource constraints due to limited manpower.
  3. Difficulty in servicing dealers in remote areas.

Network Science’s Approach:

  1. Data Training: Network Science initiated the project by collating a comprehensive dataset encompassing various customer queries, resolutions, and service scenarios. This dataset served as the foundation for training the AI-driven system.
  2. Data Fine-tuning: The initial model was fine-tuned to incorporate the specific terminology, processes, and standards unique to the client’s tire business. This step ensured that the AI system would provide accurate and relevant responses to customer queries.
  3. Release and Testing: The fine-tuned model underwent rigorous testing to assess its performance. This phase included simulating real-world scenarios to validate the accuracy and effectiveness of the AI-driven system.
  4. Hand-off: Upon successful testing, Network Science handed over the operational AI platform to the client, providing comprehensive training and resources for seamless integration into their customer service workflow.

Solution Provided by Network Science:

Utilization of AR Platform and Real-time Video Streaming:

  1. AR Platform Integration: Network Science integrated an Augmented Reality (AR) platform, enabling real-time interaction between dealers and experts. This technology allowed experts to remotely assess tire conditions and provide immediate guidance.
  2. Real-time Video Streaming: Through the AR platform, dealers could initiate live video streams, enabling direct communication with experts. This streamlined the process of diagnosing issues, addressing queries, and expediting warranty claim settlements.

Fine-tuning the Process and Data Collection/Correction:

  1. Continuous Process Refinement: Network Science implemented a feedback loop to collect and analyze data from customer interactions. This information was used to refine and optimize the AI-driven system for improved performance.
  2. Data Collection and Correction: The platform facilitated efficient data collection, allowing the client to gather real-time feedback and correct any inaccuracies in the responses provided by the AI system.


  1. Reduced Customer Query Resolution Time: The implementation of the AR platform and real-time video streaming led to a significant reduction in the time taken to address customer queries, resulting in higher customer satisfaction.
  2. Improved Resource Efficiency: The AI-driven system enabled the client to serve dealers in remote areas effectively, mitigating the challenges posed by limited manpower resources.
  3. Expedited Warranty Claim Settlements: The streamlined communication process through live video streaming resulted in faster and more efficient warranty claim settlements, leading to a reduction in overall turnaround time.


By leveraging cutting-edge technology and a data-driven approach, Network Science revolutionized the customer service experience for the vehicle tire business. The integration of AR, real-time video streaming, and continuous process refinement significantly improved response times, resource utilization, and warranty claim settlements. This case study serves as a testament to the potential of AI-driven solutions in enhancing customer service and operational efficiency in the automotive industry.

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    Transforming Customer Service in the Tyre Industry 

    network scientist