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At Network Science, we don’t just envision the future; we build it. We’re at the forefront of a transformative journey, pioneering an unparalleled approach called Zero Cost Transformation (ZCT). Our mission is to empower your business with the extraordinary potential of Deep Tech and AI, propelling you into a new era of innovation and growth, all at zero cost. At “Zero Cost”, you can transform your business to impact any or all of the business vectors

Reduced Operational Costs

Reduced Operational Costs

Deep Tech goes beyond traditional methods to achieve 'Big and Fast’ cost reductions. Whether it's optimizing supply chains, lowering customer acquisition costs, or cutting energy consumption, Deep Tech employs advanced analytics, computer vision and machine learning to pinpoint and tackle inefficiencies on a grand scale. This not only leads to significant cost savings but also revolutionizes your operations for streamlined efficiency and sustainability.

Sustainability & ESG

Sustainability & ESG

In today’s world, sustainability isn’t just an option; it's an imperative. By integrating sustainable, eco-conscious solutions powered by Deep Tech, we guide your business towards a greener, more responsible tomorrow. Deep Tech enables predictive analytics for efficient energy management, smart automation for resource conservation, and innovative systems that support renewable energy integration. By embedding these sustainable practices into your operations, we don't just aim to minimize environmental impact; we strive to create a business model that is as resilient and enduring as it is profitable.

Accelerated Growth

Accelerated Growth

By tapping into the vast potential of AI-driven market insights, we open doors to unprecedented growth opportunities for your business. Our approach harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyze market trends, consumer behaviors, and competitive landscapes with unparalleled precision. With these insights, you can make strategic decisions that drive revenue growth, expand your market share, and position your business at the forefront of your industry. It's not just growth; it's smart, informed, and sustainable growth, fueled by the transformative power of AI.

Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management

By employing sophisticated predictive models and robust frameworks, Deep Tech enables a proactive approach to risk management. It helps in identifying potential vulnerabilities early, assessing the likelihood of various risk scenarios, and planning effective mitigation strategies. Deep Tech transforms traditional reactive measures into a dynamic, anticipatory stance, empowering companies to not just manage risks, but to convert them into strategic advantages

Data First Architecture

Data First Architecture

Deep Tech serves as the cornerstone for this transformation, enabling your business to harness the full potential of data. It empowers you to extract meaningful insights, predict trends, and make proactive decisions. Sophisticated algorithms analyze large datasets in real-time, offering actionable intelligence that drives innovation and efficiency. From personalized customer experiences to optimized supply chains, every facet of your business can be enhanced. Deep Tech also ensures the integrity and security of your data, which is vital in this data-centric era.

Experiential Customer Journeys

Experiential Customer Journeys

Crafting personalized, memorable customer experiences is essential, and AI is the key to unlocking this potential. With its deep and insightful understanding of consumer behavior, AI enables a profound personalization that resonates with each individual customer. By harnessing AI's capabilities, you can transform the customer journey into an immersive, interactive, and highly individualized experience, setting your brand apart and creating lasting connections with your clientele .


Network Science's diverse team, including Deep Tech Enthusiasts, Data Scientists, Engineers, and human-centric Designers, aims to enable the identification and resolution of critical business challenges. With a collective passion for pushing boundaries, we harness the power of collaboration and technology to drive meaningful change. Together, we are dedicated to shaping a future where innovation and sustainability go hand in hand.

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Our global team of passionate Deep Tech Enthusiasts, driven by the spirit of entrepreneurship, is dedicated to guiding our clients towards achieving their aspirations. Let's talk about how we can co-create and make a lasting impact.

Advisory Board
  • Sandy Hardikar

    co-Founder & CEO

  • Asavari Hardikar

    co-Founder, Chief Enablement Officer

  • Raju Chouthai

    co-Founder, Head – India & APAC Business

  • Edd Williams

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Rajesh Sahore

    Director, Strategic Initiatives

  • Trupti Hede

    Director, Solutions & Startup Portfolio Management

  • Nikhil Mahen

    Innovation Program Leader

  • Anant Joshi

    Regional Leader, United Kingdom


We are proud of our association with worldwide industry forums, publications, corporations, and Deep Tech startups, which play a pivotal role in bringing about positive change in the world through the integration of Deep Tech innovations.

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We delve deep into the ever-changing landscape, unearthing the latest insights that illuminate the path ahead. Dive into our collection of cutting-edge ideas and perspectives, as we explore the challenges and opportunities confronting CEOs and senior world leaders, both in the present and the future.

  • What is Network Science all about?

    Network Science is dedicated to bringing Deep-Tech (AI, ML, Robotics, IOT, Blockchain, AR, VR) to the world and to leave the world better than we found it.
    It’s collaborative innovation approach provides the platform for Global Enterprises looking for solutions to solve some real world challenges and usher Business Transformation.

  • What is Deep Tech?

    Deep Tech is a category of technology that is based on cutting-edge developments and sophisticated advancements in science. Deep Tech encompasses areas such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), Quantum computing, IOT, robotics and many more. 

  • How can my businesses benefit from Network Science's capabilities?

    Network Science is a pioneering Deep Tech focused company that brings big and fast innovation to businesses using its co-create.AI model and a curated portfolio of trailblazing global Deep Tech startups. Network Science co-creates innovation with businesses while acting as a trusted partner to liberate them from limiting environments. 

  • What industries or sectors does Network Science primarily focus on?

    Network Science is a vertical agnostic company. We focus on bringing innovation through Deep Tech which has applications across all verticals. We have created an impact in Manufacturing, BFSI, Retail, Healthcare, Logistics, Automotive and more verticals already. 

  • How is Network Science different?

    Network Science is arguably the only Deep Tech focused consulting company. What sets us apart is a curated portfolio of over 100 unique & global Deep Tech start-ups which cater to over 300 pertinent business challenges. This portfolio is under constant upgradation, enabling us to bring big and fast change to companies that entrust us to solve their business challenges. 

  • How can Network Science help me achieve my Sustainable Development Goals?

    Network Science’s novel offering – Zero Cost Transformation-Sustainability (ZCT-S) – helps to generate Green Funding for organizations looking to meet their Sustainable Development Goals. We use a combination of Deep Tech Solutions, Carbon Assessments and Business Consulting to drive down the cost of operations for companies. The savings generated by these methods are ploughed back into Green Initiatives of the organization. Network Science operates ZCT-S projects through a gain share model with your company.