​ Deep Tech Innovation Alley (DTIA) 5th Edition is on November 30, 2023. Stay tuned for more updates and details.​​


Explore a world of endless creativity and cutting-edge technology as we navigate through the captivating journey of Deep Tech Innovation Alley’s (DTIA) 5 remarkable editions. Each event in its virtual or physical form has been an exciting exploration of the forefront of Deep Tech innovation, bringing together leaders, pioneers, and enthusiasts from across the globe to celebrate the incredible potential of human creativity.

DTIA is our flagship event for CEO’s and industry leaders who are keen to know how Deep Tech is bringing about Big, Fast, and long-lasting change. The 5th edition held on 30th November at Mumbai was outstanding for several reasons.


Wider Horizons and Higher Ambitions

Some groundbreaking launches and sessions took place at DTIA. The first ever Strategic Playbook for CEO on Deep Tech was unveiled by industry stalwarts. Our pioneering Zero Cost Transformation- Sustainability which is a green financing initiative was launched at COP28 and DTIA at the same time. Finally, about 70 industry leaders and CEOs experienced 20 Deep Tech solutions in the Innovation Alley in 10 zones.


Imagine industry experts converging to deliberate the most pressing issues of our time. Our panel discussions have brought together brilliant minds to unravel the transformative potential of Deep Tech across industries. Themes like Ethical Boundaries of AI, Sustainability through Deep Tech, Innovation on

Board’s agenda and the Future of Data as a valuable currency have provided a canvas for dynamic exchanges of ideas.


Sunil Lulla’s thought-provoking session celebrated the vital role of culture in innovation. He emphasized questioning the status quo and embracing discomfort as catalysts for progress.

He outlined key steps for fostering an innovative culture, highlighted market focus, and stressed the ongoing nature of innovation. Lulla’s insightful leadership approach and engaging delivery earned him a standing ovation, resonating with the importance of a robust innovation culture.


Deep Tech Innovation Alley serves as an unparalleled platform for pioneering Deep Tech start-ups to shine their spotlight on innovation. Within this dynamic space, these visionary entrepreneurs present their cutting-edge solutions, igniting a beacon of transformation that reaches their intended audience. This event becomes a conduit for these inventive minds to showcase their ideas to the world, fostering connections and propelling their visions forward. Through the past editions of Deep Tech Innovation Alley, these groundbreaking start-ups have showcased a tapestry of thought-provoking topics that redefine the boundaries of possibility. The symphony of their ideas has encompassed realms like quantum realm simulations, sustainable supply chain metamorphosis, and AI-powered revolutions. With a dynamic blend of innovation, technology, and vision, these start-ups are charting the course for a future where deep tech solutions reshape industries and amplify human potential.

The Innovation Alley had 20 Deep Tech solutions offering a touch, feel and experience zone to all guests. From Generative AI, Vision Intelligence and Digital twins to Sustainability Tech and AI in ecommerce, the guests had a learning experience at the Alley. The entire Alley experience stirred up the enthusiasm for knowing more about the Deep Tech solutions among the guests and many of them already found solutions to some of their teething unresolved issues.

Importance of Deep Tech in achieving Net Zero.

Sustainability is a key area where a lot of thrust is being put by Network Science. Our Green Financing initiative ‘Zero Cost Transformation- Sustainability’ was launched in DTIA and COP28 simultaneously. The panel that discussed on Deep Tech role in achieving Net Zero was comprised of big names in sustainability. The rich discussion brought out the transformative impact of Electric Vehicles (EVs) in emissions reduction, shedding light on the rapid evolution and improvement within this space. The imperative of cultivating leaders who not only champion Sustainable Development but also view it as an integral business strategy rather than a mere corporate social responsibility initiative was brought to the fore.


The six innovation vectors of the innovation alley essentially offer targeted solutions to the core challenges that CEOs frequently grapple with during their day-to-day business operations: optimizing expenses, mitigating risks, fostering sustainable expansion, harnessing data for strategic advantage, achieving breakthrough innovation, and ensuring overall operational resilience and longevity.



Mariana Miraglia

Partner at Aroeira Salles Advogados

Aroeira Salles Advogados

Jayant Khosla

Group Head & Chief Executive Officer


Roland Landers


All India Gaming Federation

Chhaya Sehgal

Mentor and Coach

Chempro Group

Shailesh Kumar

Chief Data Scientist


Robin Banerjee


Nucleon Research

Sakshi Vidur

Information Security Leader

Rajarshi Moitra

Chief Commercial Officer

Bridgestone India

Sunila Sahasrabudhe

Head ESG


Vijay Sethi


Hero MotoCorp

Manaswini Goel

Head - Group Corporate Finance

Mahindra Finance

Unnat verma


Yum brands

James Tumbridge


Venner shiley LLP

Vikram Mansukhani

National Operations head

Blue Dart

Muralidharan Ramachandran



Sunil Lulla


Astrum Advisory


Network Science set out with an aim to give our participants a never before experience by getting the best minds and most advanced tech together. The reviews received from each participant were very humbling and gave us the confidence that we could do far better in the next DTIA.

  • It was a great event, I was able to experience various technologies that can be beneficial to my Business.

  • Attending Deep Tech Innovation Alley was an immersive experience! I could literally touch and feel the future of technology.

  • Deep Tech Innovation Alley offered a remarkable educational experience

Vijay Sethi

CIO, Ex. Hero MotoCorp LTD

Sunila Sahasrabudhe

Head ESG, Biocon

Vikram Mansukhani

National Operations Head, Blue Dart