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400 curated examples of Deep Tech in action

Finance - Competitive Intelligence

Healthcare - Patient Behavior Prediction

Retail - Predictive Market Analysis

E-commerce - Dynamic Pricing Optimization

Technology - Product Innovation Insights

Manufacturing - Targeted Product Optimization

Logistics - Supply Chain Optimization

Real Estate - Sales Forecasting

Energy - Risk Mitigation Strategies

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A trailblazer in Corporate Innovation, Network Science partners with global corporates for accelerated journeys towards their vision. We are torch bearers of the Deep Tech revolution and strongly believe in its ability to bring about path breaking advancements across industries and improving the human experience in unprecedented ways. Enter the realm of innovation with Network Science. Explore our extensive use case library, featuring 400 curated examples of Deep Tech in action. Tailor your exploration based on your role and industry, diving into detailed narratives that bridge the gap between technology and real-world application.